Custom Homes

Custom Built Homes

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to build the house of your dreams in beautiful Northern Michigan?

Higgins Lake Builders has been building homes around the Higgins Lake area for over 40 years and has built many of the large custom homes on Higgins Lake.  The more detailed the better.

Higgins Lake Builders has also built many of the homes at Forest Dunes Golf Course.

We Offer Free Estimates

In our initial meeting we will discuss your ideas and review your blueprints.  I listen to your ideas and help implement them into your new home.

When building a custom home you have the freedom to do virtually anything you want and this is the time when we explore the possibilities.

I’ll bring my 40 years of custom home building experience and you bring your imagination, together we’ll come up with something great.  After that meeting I’ll provide you with a detailed estimate.

The Cleanest Builder In Town

My crew refers to me as a “Clean Freak” because I’m so strict about keeping a clean job site.  I don’t accept anything but the best from my crew and you can rest assured that your job will be completed at the highest level of quality.  I spend a lot of time on the job site because…well…I love what I do. I take personal responsibility for every detail on the job.  No excuses, just high quality results.

I’m a perfectionist and I hold my crew and sub contractors to high standards. During the last 40 years I have built relationships with the best sub contractors around. My reputation is on the line with every job I do and I make sure we deliver high quality work every time.

Calculating Cost

There are so many components involved when building a new home. Exterior siding…brick vs. stone…floor covering…ceramic tile, wood, vinyl, carpet, etc.  Will there be a fireplace?  What kind of interior trim, doors, stair railing, type of cabinetry, counter tops, and the list goes on.

All of these items are “your” choices.  So until we sit down and discuss your likes and dislikes it is impossible to determine a final cost.  After we meet and nail down your choices I can generate a detailed quote for your project, and will guarantee it will be a fair and competitive price.

That’s How To Get Started, Schedule Your FREE Consultation Today!

Call:  (989) 274-4188 or call me on my cell (989) 915-9656


Our Service Area Includes

Higgins Lake, Forest Dunes Golf Club, Roscommon, Houghton Lake, and Grayling.